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Grapple Saw GS 470


R Squared Solutions is proud to present the GS 470. The GS 470 is the first grapple saw designed exclusively for the Tigercat LG 4053 log grapple. This grapple saw is built with the same robustness and reliability you’ve come to expect from any Tigercat product.

The GS 470 was designed to operate by using the existing grapple saw circuit already installed on most Tigercat loaders. The GS 470 does not rely on any air tanks, remote electrical circuits, or complicated hydraulic circuits. The Tigercat saw circuit allows us to use a traditional piston based oiler, a conventional bar-up circuit, and a traditional saw cut/return circuit without using diverter valves. The GS 470 saw does not rely on any other grapple function to operate thereby giving the operator the flexibility to cut in any position or configuration. Other improvements over existing grapple saw designs is the way that the GS 470 mounts to the Tigercat LG 4053 log grapple. The GS 470 mounts using three mounting points on the LG 4053: the 2” pins that mount the grapple cylinders to the housing and the pin that hinges the jaws together.

The saw can be operated on 50-70 GPM at 3000 psi. and comes standard with an auto bar retract that can be turned on or off. Other features include a 50” bar using a ¾ pitch chain to handle the biggest trees, a cam style chain tensioner, and a 1.1 gallon oil tank.

Grapple Saw GS 470 Grapple Saw GS 470 Grapple Saw GS 470 Grapple Saw GS 470

Diameter Detection System (DDS)

Diameter Detection System

The DDS represents our first opportunity to fill a niche for those companies in the forestry industry who wanted to improve their wood merchantability using a more cost effective platform. The Diameter Detection System is a simple, easy to use system utilizing commercial off the shelf parts. The basic system consists of 3 main components: a linear potentiometer, an electrical swivel, and a digital read-out.

In the design of this system, it was important to ensure that it could be retro-fitted on as many existing pull-thru delimbers as possible. This system gives the operator a dynamic measuring system that is capable of helping the operator merchandise top sizes across any given traditional mill spec.

When an operator has 3 to 7 sorts it can be very difficult for him/her to keep his eye focused on the correct top size. This system requires no special input and is most effective when used as a guide. When used properly, the DDS will help you tighten your top sizes and ensure maximum length for a given top size while limiting its impact on your productivity.

Laser Diameter Detection System (LDDS)


After the success of the DDS in pull-thru delimbers, it wasn’t long before we were faced with a request to help loggers who traditionally harvest ply-logs. Loggers are trying to lower their operating cost by processing the ply-logs in their ground saws instead of using saw hands with chain saws. The challenge we had to overcome was the fact that there wasn’t anything in a ground saw that typically touches the stem except the saw itself.

Loggers who harvest ply-logs are typically only interested in 2 top dimensions. Because of this simplicity, it allowed us to design a retro-fittable system utilizing commercial off the shelf parts that did not rely on physically touching the stem. The system consists of 3 main components: a set of photo-electric sensors, a set of lights, and an electrical swivel. The LDDS is adaptable to any conventional ground saw on the market.

By understanding the plywood mills requirement, the simplicity of the system begins to stand out. The sensors give instant feedback through the set of lights that indicate to the operator whether or not the stem meets the minimum requirement of the mill. This system eliminates all guessing and allows the operator to maximize wood merchantability.


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