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5628 Pull Through Delimber

  • 5628 offers the widest throat opening available at approximately 100”. With extra large knives, this delimber can handle the biggest grapples.

  • Cushioned cylinders allow for faster cycle times without sacrificing structural integrity.

  • 3/4” Grade 9 cradle bearing bolts with lock nuts ensures your delimber stays where it’s meant to be.

  • The 50” saw bar gives you the ability to cleanly cut thru the large volume of wood this delimber can handle.

  • Download the full brochure.(757KB PDF)
  Grapple Saw GS 470 Grapple Saw GS 470  

Grapple Saw GS 470


R Squared Solutions is proud to present the GS 470. The GS 470 is the first grapple saw designed exclusively for the Tigercat LG 4053 log grapple. This grapple saw is built with the same robustness and reliability you’ve come to expect from any Tigercat product.

The GS 470 was designed to operate by using the existing grapple saw circuit already installed on most Tigercat loaders. The GS 470 does not rely on any air tanks, remote electrical circuits, or complicated hydraulic circuits. The Tigercat saw circuit allows us to use a traditional piston based oiler, a conventional bar-up circuit, and a traditional saw cut/return circuit without using diverter valves. The GS 470 saw does not rely on any other grapple function to operate thereby giving the operator the flexibility to cut in any position or configuration. Other improvements over existing grapple saw designs is the way that the GS 470 mounts to the Tigercat LG 4053 log grapple. The GS 470 mounts using three mounting points on the LG 4053: the 2” pins that mount the grapple cylinders to the housing and the pin that hinges the jaws together.

The saw can be operated on 50-70 GPM at 3000 psi. and comes standard with an auto bar retract that can be turned on or off. Other features include a 50” bar using a ¾ pitch chain to handle the biggest trees, a cam style chain tensioner, and a 1.1 gallon oil tank.

Grapple Saw GS 470 Grapple Saw GS 470 Grapple Saw GS 470 Grapple Saw GS 470

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